NTU Novena校区高度戒备,穿梭巴士停运,师生居家办公学习

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NTU Novena校区高度戒备,穿梭巴士停运,师生居家办公学习






NTU Novena校区高度戒备,穿梭巴士停运,师生居家办公学习

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NTU Novena校区高度戒备,穿梭巴士停运,师生居家办公学习












NTU Novena校区高度戒备,穿梭巴士停运,师生居家办公学习


最近的社区案例提醒人们,COVID-19爆发的风险仍然很高。在阻止COVID-19的传播,并保持NTU社区安全健康方面,每个人都可以发挥作用。这包括使用SafeEntry和NTU QR码在所有场所签入/签出,始终戴着口罩,保持安全距离并限制社交聚会。


Dear students and colleagues,

In view of the increasing number of community cases linked to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) cluster, there is a need to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission within the NTU community.

With immediate effect and until further notice:

All NTU students and employees are advised not to visit the Novena campus.

Students and employees at Novena campus should not visit the NTU main campus. LKC Medicine faculty and students living on the NTU campus housing may remain on campus but are advised not to visit the Novena campus during this period, and to consult a doctor immediately if unwell.

The inter-campus shuttle bus services between NTU’s main campus and the Novena campus will also be suspended.

The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine) will implement new precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure the health and safety of its students and employees.

Effective immediately:

All employees at the HQ and Clinical Sciences Building in Novena campus will work from home, and return only on a need-to basis, for one week until 9 May.

Inter-campus travel between Experimental Medicine Building (NTU main campus) and Clinical Sciences Building (Novena campus) is suspended for now and no visitors are allowed to the Novena campus.

Employees who had travelled between TTSH and the Novena campus in the past two weeks are to monitor their health closely, with twice daily temperature-taking.

ALL postings of medical students to ALL hospitals are suspended until further notice.

All lessons at the Novena campus will move online in the next one week, with some classes postponed. LKCMedicine will inform students directly about their affected courses.

As a precautionary measure, the Novena campus facilities will be closed for deep cleaning and disinfection during this one-week period.

So far, all LKCMedicine students who attended clinical attachments at TTSH have been swabbed and tested negative for COVID-19.

As advised by the Ministry of Health, it is crucial that we remain vigilant to avoid a resurgence of community cases. Everyone should:

Avoid going to crowded places, and stay home where possible

Limit social gatherings to 2 per day, whether to another household or in a public place

Keep groups as small as possible

Stick to a regular group of contacts

Stay home when unwell, and see a doctor to get tested when sick, and

Be vaccinated when it is offered to you

The recent community cases are a reminder that the risks of a COVID-19 outbreak remains high. Everyone has a role to play in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our OneNTU community safe and healthy. This includes using the SafeEntry and NTU QR Codes for check-in/out at all venues, wearing masks at all times, maintaining safe distancing and limiting social gatherings.

To stay updated with the latest information, visit NTU's Intranet page and the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education websites.


Ling San

Deputy President and Provost

Tan Aik Na

Senior Vice President (Administration)

NTU Novena校区高度戒备,穿梭巴士停运,师生居家办公学习