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Singapore: A Garden City With Strict Laws


Singapore is a city, and a country at the same time. As one of the Four Asian Tigers, Singapore is an immigration(移民) culture with rich diversity. It is one of the most international countries in the world.


Strict Laws

Singapore has a tropical(热带的)climate which is warm and humid all year round. However, in contrast with the generally laid-back(休闲的)culture in most tropical or semi-tropical countries in the world, Singapore is one of the strictest countries in the world regarding laws. Even people who have never been to Singapore might have heard of its “Caning”(鞭刑) and “extreme punishment”.



Littering, spitting, ringing alarm bells in non-emergency situations, riding without a ticket, damaging public lawns, not flushing toilets, wasting food… all come with a fine(罚款)and other legal punishments. As for worse actions which cause damages to the environment intentionally such as graffiti(涂鸦), the result is serious painful caning. Offenders(冒犯者) even need to wear obvious clothes with their crimes displayed on them and do community service for corrective purposes.


双语 | 新加坡:法律严格的花园城市

hat’s more, Singapore has the strictest drug law in the world. Upon arrival to Singapore, everyone will receive a written reminder of “Death for Drug Traffickers Under Singapore Law”. Anyone who brings drug with them into the country, possession or trafficking drugs will besentenced to execution. Thanks to all these legal regulations, even though Singapore consists of people from all backgrounds with a great number of immigrants, as one of the biggest import and export ports in the world, Singapore has maintained its outstanding social order and folk customs. The strict laws have prevented and eliminated(消除)a lot of crimes.


Garden City

Walking in Singapore, no matter which direction you turn, one will feel like walking in a giant garden. None of this comes from nowhere, instead, it all contributes to artificial(人工的) planning and organizations.

双语 | 新加坡:法律严格的花园城市



Known as the second most densely(密集地) populated country in the world, only lower than Morocco, Singapore is a very small country, but also one of the cleanest in the world; all thanks to the government’s focus on afforestation造林)and landscaping(景观美化). 10 percent of the whole country is specifically protected and reserved for parks and national reservoirs, while its green cover stands at almost 50 percent.


In addition to strict green construction rules and planning, Singapore also controls its traffic flows and environmental pollution through raising prices for private car ownerships andtaxations(税款), as well as encouraging public transportation. In 1992, in order to better protect the environment and keep the country clean, Singapore became the very first country that banned chewing gum.


双语 | 新加坡:法律严格的花园城市