Dear employers,

On 26 Mar 2020, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) issued an advisory on measures to prevent foreign domestic worker (FDW) congregations. MOM’s inspections on 29 Mar 2020 found that crowds at common congregation areas, including City Plaza, Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza, have reduced significantly.

2. We appreciate the support of employers in tackling COVID-19 thus far. However, given the sustained risk of transmission, it remains critical for FDWs to continue practising safe distancing.

Advisory on FDW rest days

3. Employers are reminded to inform your FDWs on the following advisory:

FDWs should spend their rest day at home during this period.

FDWs who have important errands to attend to are advised to minimise time spent outside and return home once they have completed their errands.

FDWs should continue to observe good personal hygiene and minimise physical contact by not shaking hands or sharing food, and maintaining a safe distance from one another.

When FDWs meet in indoors spaces, they must observe the latest rules on gathering size. They should avoid gathering in public spaces, or visiting crowded places.

4. Employers should be aware of where their FDWs will be going on their rest day, and have them return home upon completion of their errands. MOM will continue to conduct inspections on the ground to disperse outdoor gatherings. Workers who do not cooperate may have their work passes revoked.

Rest day arrangements

5. Employers are also reminded on the following:

If FDWs agree to spend their rest day at home, employers should not assign work to them on their rest day.

If employers come to a mutual agreement with your FDWs for them to forgo their rest day, employers must provide compensation in lieu of the rest day.

6 We seek your continued support in working with us to overcome COVID-19.

7. Visit MOH’s website at regularly to keep yourself updated on latest developments.