4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges

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20 APR, Saturday Night Hike: Southern Ridges

4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges


1. 马林百列集选区国会议员兼基层组织顾问花蒂玛教授将参加本次徒步活动;

2. 芽笼士乃民众联络所的主席Jamemes将参加本次徒步活动;

3. 狮城热线将随拍此次徒步活动;

4. 4月20号同时也是我们新加坡徒步平台、芽笼士乃民众联络所、狮城乐善义工团三方合作的开始;

Highlights of this hiking activity:

1. Professor Fatimah Lateef, a Member of Parliament in the Marine Parade GRC and a consultant of the grass-roots of PAP will take part in this hike.

2. Jamemes, Chairman of the Geylang Serai Community Club will also take part in the hike.

3. The Singhot will photograph this hike.

4. April 20 is also the beginning day of the tripartite cooperation between our Singapore Hiking, Lecharity Singaporeand Geylang Serai CC.

4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges


For walking enthusiasts and nature lovers!Come join us to take an evening brisk walk for the Sunset Hiking Southern Ridges!

4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges


Event Planner: Singapore Hiking

4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges


Leader of the Group: Zheng ShuYun, Xiao Fang, Qing Cheng, La Sa, Wan Li

护尾:ABCD, 梅英,天涯,彬,ZhiHua

Protector of the team in the back: ABCD, Mei Ying, Tian Ya, Bing, ZhiHua

4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges


Set out time: 5:30pm Sharp on 20 April. No waiting for late comers!


Starting Point: Harbourfront MRT Station(NE1/CC29), Exit C

结束地点:港湾地铁站 (NE1/CC29)

Ending Point: Harbourfront MRT Station(NE1/CC29)

4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges



路线从港湾地铁站出发,徒经吉宝湾(Keppel Bay),拉柏多自然保护公园,亚历山大拱桥(Alexandra Arch ),空中丛林小径(Forest Walk ),亨德森波浪桥(Henderson Waves ),登上远眺海港的花柏山顶(Mount Faber),最后下山沿着小径回到港湾地铁站结束。

Hike Route:

The Singhot will follow our hiking activity. It will be the beginning of the tripartite cooperation between Singapore hiking, LeCharity Singapore and Geylang Serai. Jamemes,Chairman of the Geylang Serai will attend the activity. We also invited professor, MP and consultant of grassroots PAP Association of the MarineParade GRC to join our activity. Come and join our hiking activity to witness this memorable moment!

Starting from the Harbourfront MRT Station, we will pass through Keppel Bay, then to Labrador Nature Conservation Park, Alexandra Arch, Forest Walk, Henderson Waves. After that we will climb to the top of Mount Faber to enjoy the scenic of harbor, then finally walk back to the Habourfront MRT station.

4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges

距离:10公里 Distance: 10km

徒步时间: 2.5 个小时 Walking Time: 2.5 hours

难度:中等 Difficulty Level: Moderate

适合人群: 12-60岁 Suitable for aged from 12 to 60

4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges


徒经吉宝湾,欣赏停靠在高尚豪华住宅区域的游艇风景线; 拉柏多公园,有着自然美景和海岸径。让我们徒步在环绕保护区的小径,饱览绚丽的自然景观,尽情地体验独特的拉柏多自然保护区,继续踏上文艺清新的亚历山大拱桥,穿梭树梢的空中丛林小径,丛林小径是一段全程800m的人造高空走廊,走廊下方是直落布兰雅大片的热带雨林,漫步其中仿佛置身天然氧吧,有时甚至还能看到一些候鸟、飞禽在丛林中玩耍。徒步在惊艳无比的亨德森波浪桥,登上远眺海港的花柏山,山高105米,山上有通往圣淘沙的缆车起点站,在山顶观景台地上的箭头指示,按不同方位鸟瞰新加坡港口,圣淘沙岛和南部其他岛屿及市区内林立的建筑群夜景。山底下,万家灯火,五光十色; 近处是海港的夜景,码头内一排排灯光,相交晖映,晶莹夺目。远处组屋的灯光,大放光芒。在瞭望台楼下的16副壁画可以让大家了解新加坡的历史和发展概况。


Leader’s Address:

We will walk around Keppel Bay where you can enjoy the yacht scenery docked on the waters of the luxurious residential area. Labrador Park has its natural beauty and coastal trails. Let’s walk around the trails, appreciate the magnificent natural scenery, and the beautiful and unique scenery of Labrador Nature Reserve. Then, we will go to the artistic Alexander Arch Bridge andcross the tree-topped forest walk, the forest walk is an artificialhigh-altitude corridor of 800 meters and under it is a large portion oftropical Teloh Blangah rain forest, which seems to be a natural Oxygen bar.Occasionally, you could also see migratory birds flying in the jungle. Walkingon the amazing Henderson Wave Bridge, climbing the Mount Faber, enjoy the beautifulscenery of Mount Faber, standing at 105 meters high, there is a cable carconnected to Sentosa on the hill. According to directory arrows on the hilltopviewing platform, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Singapore port, SentosaIsland, other southern islands and urban areas at night. At the foot of thehill, there are thousands of lights in all kinds of colors. Nearby is the nightview of the harbor. There will be rows of sparkly lights on the dock, which intertwines with each other and glow brilliantly in unison with the light ofthe distant group house. Under the observation deck, you can read sixteen murals that give you an overview of Singapore’s history and development.

Join us to experience and feel the beauty of history, modernity and nature of Singapore! I wish you all a fulfilling and joyful evening of recreation and entertainment!

4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges


1. 自备所需的饮用水,干粮,雨具,照明及防蚊喷雾剂等。

2. 行进途中请注意安全,紧跟队伍不要擅自离队;请听从领队和护尾的指挥,以免发生意外;队友之间请团结友爱,互相照应。

3. 徒步自愿,风险自担。徒步过程中出现任何意外,请联系您的个人保险公司,徒步平台将不承担任何责任。

4. 到达徒步现场必须主动找领队签到,否则领队没有点到名,将视为缺席此次活动。

5. 替别人或给多人报名者,也需要按照报名表格要求写清楚所有参加者的信息,以方便后台统计。

Gentle Reminders:

1. Prepare water, unperishable food, an umbrellaand mosquito repellent.

2. Please pay attention to safety on the way, keepin step with the team and follow the commands given by the leader. In order toavoid accidents, we encourage teamwork and watch over each other.

3. This activity is completely voluntary, you are to join at your own risk. Singapore Hiking Group will not take anyresponsibility for any accidents that occurred in the course of the activity.

4. You are required to report to leader when you arrive,Otherwise it will be treated as absent if the leader doesn’t count your name.

5. Detailed information required by register form should be filled up clearly for all participants,this is for the convenience of the administrator to compile the data.

4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges


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入群条件: 每季度最少参加徒步活动一次

Participation condition: Take hike at leastonce every quarter


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4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges


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4月20号周六夕阳徒:南部山脊 Southern Ridges