3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus



31 Mar,Sunday Hike:NTU campus

3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus


NTU Campus Hike :For walking enthusiasts and nature lovers! Come join us to take a morning brisk walk to NTU campus!

3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus


Event Planner:Singapore Hiking

3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus

领队:Jessie Li

Leader of the Group: Ms Jessie Li


Protector of the team in the back: Chief Lee

3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus

出发时间:3月31号早晨8:45 am,过时不候!

Setout time: 8:45 am on 31 Mar, No waiting for late comers !

出发地点: 绿线Pioneer地铁站,B出口,下扶梯后的BUS站处;

Starting Point:Pioneer(EW28), Exit B, down the escalator and gather at bus stop.


Ending point:Pioneer MRT;

3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus



Hike Route:

Pioneer MRT station à Pioneer Road North à NTU entrance beside PIE Exit,Chinese Heritage Centre – A good place to inculcate a deeper understanding of Singapore’s heritage and culture,The Hive – The Learning Hub situated in the South, was the first building in NTU and Singapore which adopt full scaleinnovative air-conditioning system,The School of Arts, Design and Media building –Highlights of this building include a turfed roof which blends with the ground contour,The highest point at the Canteen A section of the Loop.The blue jogging track – It is an attractivescenic spot.

3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus

距离:11公里 Distance: 11 km

徒步时间:2.2小时 Walking Time: 2.2 hours

难度:中等 Difficulty Level: Moderate

适合人群:12-60岁 Suitable for people aged:12 to 60

3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus



Leader’s address:

NTU is not only one of the top 50 universities in the world,it is also one of the most beautiful university campuses in the world! Thecampus path is lined with row of palm trees on both sides. There are variousshrubs along the road, the flora and fauna flourishing there presents a lovely scene!

3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus


1. 自备所需的饮用水,干粮,雨具,照明及防蚊喷雾剂等。

2. 行进途中请注意安全,紧跟队伍不要擅自离队;请听从领队和护尾的指挥,以免发生意外;队友之间请团结友爱,互相照应。

3. 徒步自愿,风险自担。徒步过程中出现任何意外,请联系您的个人保险公司,徒步群将不承担任何责任。

4. 到达徒步现场必须主动找领队签到,否则领队没有点到名,将视为缺席此次活动。 5. 替别人或给多人报名者,需要写清楚所有参加者的微信名字,以方便后台统计。

Gentle Reminders:

1. Prepare water, unperishable food, an umbrellaand mosquito repellent.

2. Please pay attention to safety on the way, keepin step with the team and follow the commands given by the leader. In order toavoid accidents, we encourage teamwork and watch over each other.

3. This activity is completely voluntary, you are to join at your own risk. Singapore Hiking Group will not take anyresponsibility for any accidents that occurred in the course of the activity.

4. You are required to report to leader when you arrive,Otherwise it will be treated as absent if the leader doesn’t count your name.

5. The Wechat names of all participants should be clearly written,this is for the convenience of the administrator to compile the data.

3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus



三分钟阿裕尼MRT的公寓普通间出租,水电网齐全,有空调,拎包入住;周围BUS方便,周边超市食阁便利;入住: 整套住人很少,立即可以入住。价格:1000SGD,全包。




How to join Singapore Hiking WeChat Group:

入群条件: 每季度最少参加徒步活动一次

Participation condition: Take hike at leastonce every quarter


To join: Join any of our hike events, and ask team leader or team protector invite you into the Singapore Hiking Wechat Group on site;

如何报名参加/取消参加本次活动:(How to Confirm/Cancel join this event)


1st Step: (Only for first time user), Scan the QR code below to follow Singapore Hiking WeChat platform and back to this “event information”

3月31号周日白徒:南洋理工大学校园 NTU campus


2nd Step: Click on the light blue “Write Comments”below here, Write “Attend” or “Cancel” and Submit.