5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island



26 May, Sunday Day Hike:Palau Ubin Island



5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island


Island Hike: For walking enthusiasts and nature lovers! Come join us to take a nature and Kampong walk to Palau Ubin

5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island


Event planner:Singapore Hiking

5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island

领队: 夜行者

Leader of the Group: Night Hiker


Protector of the team in the back: Sun Dan / Sunshine

5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island


第一个集合点:8:30am @ 5月26号, 丹那美拉地铁站(EW4)B出口,点名打卡,然后9.00am走去巴士站,坐2路巴士到樟宜尾码头。

1st meeting point: 8.30am @ 26 May, at Tanah Merah MRT (EW4)station Exit B, take attendance, and then head to bus stop at 9.00am and take bus No 2 to Changi Ferry Terminal

第二个集合点:9:30am @ 5月26号, 樟宜尾码头坐船到乌敏岛。过时不候!

2nd meeting point: 9:30am @ 26 May, take ferry at Changi Ferry Terminal to Palau Ubin Island. No waiting for latecomers!

5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island

出发时间:10.00am @ 5月26号出发

Starting time: 10.00am @ 26 May


Starting point: Palau Ubin Ferry Terminal


Ending point: Palau Ubin Ferry Terminal

结束时间 : 下午12.30 @ 5月26号

End Time: 12.30pm @ 26 May

5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island


丹那美拉地铁站(EW4)B出口,坐2路巴士到樟宜尾码头,然后乘坐小艇乘风破浪登上乌敏岛。从乌敏岛码头出发,顺着林间小道(Palau Ubin Tree Trial),一路进发经过仄爪洼(Chek Jawa wetland),浅滩(Seashore), 瞭望塔(Jejawi Tower), 红树林(Mangrove Forest),巴莱石场(Balai Quarry),马曼营地海滩(Manmam Campsite Beach),最后回到乌敏岛码头结束。

Hike Route:

1. Changi Ferry Terminal: you may enjoy the jet boat leaving the main island, sailing through the blue water towards the green scenary wonderland.

2. Palau Ubin Tree Trial: nice place for a nature walk within the rain forest to explore different plants and living creatures

3. Chek Jawa Wetland: there is natural reserve for all the seaweed, crabs, prawns, bugs to live within

4. Jejewi Tower: you may get a good overview of island and seashore from the top of this tower

5. Balai Quarry: you can appreciate the amazing art combination of colors and patterns on the stones through thousand years of earth movement

6. Manmam Campsite Beach: you may enjoy the breeze of wind, coconut trees, fine sands and tides over the seashore.

5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island

距离:10公里; Distance: 10 km

徒步时间:2小时; Walking Time: 2hours

难度:中等; Intensity: Moderate

适合人群:12-60岁 ; Suitable for people aged 12 to 60

5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island


乌敏岛(Pulau Ubin)是新加坡的第二大外岛,面积仅次于德光岛,面积约10.2平方公里。按新加坡政府的规划,岛上的大部分自然环境将维持原状。仄爪洼(Chek Jawa wetland),浅滩, 瞭望塔(Jejawi Tower), 红树林,巴莱石场(Balai Quarry)将把大家带入另一个世界。每天早出晚归奔波生计职场打拼,是不是感觉在高楼大厦之中有点压抑,在霓虹酒绿中感到迷失?那么远离喧嚣的都市,摘掉生硬的面具,周末跟我来一次外岛世外桃源之旅,感受一下抛开所有工作家庭学习的生活包袱,畅快的回归大自然,沐浴洁净我们的身心。

Leader’s address:

Palau Ubin is the 2nd biggest outbound island, the size is about 10.2 square kilometer which is just slightly smaller than Tekong Island. According to Singapore government urbanization plan, everything within Palau Ubin Island will remain its natural state. Chek Jawa wetland, seashore, Jejawi Tower, Mangrove Forest and Balai Quarry will bring us to another peaceful world. Did you ever feel tired about concrete building, and lost in the lights and pubs? If yes, come and join us for a wonderful nature and Kampong walk in the east of Palau Ubin Island, and the nature smoothen our body and mind for a good recharging.

5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island



1. 自备所需的饮用水,干粮,雨具,照明及防蚊喷雾剂等。

2. 为了大家宝贵的时间,请不要迟到。

3. 行进途中请注意安全,紧跟队伍不要擅自离队;请听从领队和护尾的指挥,以免发生意外;队友之间请团结友爱,互相照应。

4. 徒步自愿,风险自担。徒步过程中出现任何意外,请联系您的个人保险公司,徒步群将不承担任何责任。

Gentle Reminders:

1. Prepare water, non-perishable food, an umbrella and mosquito repellent.

2. Please be punctual. Latecomers will have to pay a fee of RMB 8.88 in red packets (a total of 30) to the group.

3. Please pay attention to safety on the way, keep in step with the team and follow the commands given by the leader. In order to avoid accidents, we encourage teamwork and watch over each other.

4. This activity is completely voluntary, you are to join at your own risk. Singapore Hiking Group will not take any responsibility for any accidents that occurred in the course of the activity.

5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island


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5月26号周日白徒:乌敏岛Palau Ubin Island