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富卫人寿保险联合新加坡星展银行推出了使用 PayNow 的支付方式,体现出新加坡保险格局的重大变化。

现在市场上大多数保险公司都使用支票来支付索赔,这种方式不但慢,还容易丢失。而 PayNow 则可以很快速、便捷地给受益人索赔,在核准事故或医院索赔后,就可以直接转钱给受益人客户账户。


FWD Insurance launches electronic claims payments via PayNow

Collaborating with DBS to leverage on technology and ensure

customers receive claims payments swiftly and efficiently

SINGAPORE, 14 June 2018 – FWD’s customers have even more reason to smile, with the digital insurer and DBS Bank (DBS) collaborating to provide electronic payment of claims via PayNow. PayNow is an electronic fund transfer service available to customers of any of the seven participating banks: Citibank Singapore Limited, DBS Bank/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and United Overseas Bank.

FWD customers who wish to receive payments via PayNow, simply need to provide their

PayNow registered mobile number or NRIC number for the funds to be transferred to their


“Many insurers make their claims payouts via cheque – and this has led to unnecessary delays and even lost cheques. PayNow is a very convenient payment platform that will benefit FWD’s customers. We’re proud of the fact that this service will improve an already exceptional claims experience by ensuring our customers receive claims payments faster, and more conveniently than other insurers have traditionally been able to achieve,” said Abhishek Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer, FWD Singapore.

Aligning with Singapore’s push for greater electronic payments and drive towards digitisation, this initiative comes off the back of a collaboration with DBS, where in February this year they together launched real-time electronic claims payments using DBS IDEAL RAPID.

Benjamin Yeo, Managing Director and Head of Insurance Coverage at DBS Bank said that

the collaboration is in line with the bank’s promise to bring new digital experiences to its

partners and customers.

“In today’s digital age, customers seek an instant and hassle-free experience. We are

continuously working on innovative solutions to bring to reality greater convenience for

corporates and consumers. By leveraging on our digital expertise, we are pleased to provide a solution that does away with claims cheques, providing customers a truly seamless claims experience,” he added.

The insurer’s philosophy of marrying technology with customer experience has paid dividends in the industry, with FWD already having won Best Customer Experience at last year’s Financial Services Summit, the Best Digital Insurer of the Year at the Asia Insurance Industry Awards, and the Best Direct Insurer at the Insurance Asia Awards.

*Payments via PayNow (which rides on the FAST Payment Mechanism in Singapore) are currently capped at a limit of S$200,000 per transaction.

About FWD Singapore

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