09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol

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09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol


22th September,Friday Setting Sun Hike: Hougang to Punggol




09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol


For walking enthusiasts and nature lovers! Come join us to take a brisk walk to Punggol Park!

09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol


Event Planner: Singapore Hiking

09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol


Leader of the Group: Ms Xia Xue Tian


Protector of the team in the back: Ms.Yan Zi

09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol


Set out time: 6:00pm Sharp on 22th September . No waiting for late comers!

出发地点:后港地铁站(NE14) B出口

Starting Point: Hougang MRT Station (NE14), take Exit B

结束地点:榜鹅地铁站 (NE17)

Ending Point: Punggol MRT Station (NE17)

09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol


从后港地铁站出发,沿途经过榜鹅公园,沿着河边走,到达榜鹅水道,最后达到目的地: 榜鹅地铁站。全程估计约12公里。

Hike Route:

Heading out from the Hougang MRT station, we will pass by the Punggol Park along the way, walk along the river and reach Punggol waterway point. Finally we will end at the Punggol MRT Station.

09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol

距离:12公里 Distance: 12 km

徒步时间:2.4小时 Walking Time: 2.4 hours

难度:中等 Difficulty Level: Moderate

适合人群:10-60岁 Suitable for people aged 10 to 60 years old.

09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol



Leader’s address:Trekking in the Punggol Waterway:

The sparkling water, the chirps of the birds, the refreshing breeze, and the smile of the sun, and here we are, ready to walk around Punggol Waterways. From time to time, a large lizard swims out of the water, and the turtles surprise us and bring smiles to our faces. The clean trail is a joy to set foot on. This is the Punggol Waterways during the day. In the evening, there are a lot of sports enthusiasts on the trail. Everyone carries out his preferred activity, coexisting with others, peaceful and harmonious. Occasionally, a few small yellow dogs with clean and shiny hair may bark at us to remind us of their existence. Don't be afraid, they are not looking for food. I have lived here for five years. People live in harmony with these animals. They are adorable and have become a unique feature of the place. Come'on everyone, let us once again fill every corner of the Waterways with laughters.

09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol


1. 自备所需的饮用水,干粮,雨具,照明及防蚊喷雾剂等。

2. 行进途中请注意安全,紧跟队伍不要擅自离队;请听从领队和护尾的指挥,以免发生意外;队友之间请团结友爱,互相照应。

3. 已有夜徒灯的朋友请务必携带.

4. 到达徒步现场必须主动找领队签到,否则领队没有点到名,将视为缺席此次活动。

5. 替别人或给多人报名者,也需要按照报名表格要求写清楚所有参加者的信息,以方便后台统计。


Gentle Reminders:

1. Bring along drinking water, snacks, an umbrella or a raincoat, and mosquito repellent if necessary.

2. If you have the night walking light issued by Singapore Hiking, bring that along too, for an evening hike.

3. Upon arrival, report to the leader / his assistant to mark attendance.

4. During the hike, listen to the leader's instructions, stay safe, walk with the team, and keep a lookout for each other.

5. When signing up for a hike, please fill in all the basic info required in the registration form. This is to allow the admin to compile data in the future.

6. Participants who have filled in all the basic info required when signing up for a hike will be insured for accident during the hike. The insurance coverage is purchased by a partner organisation. You can join the hike with peace of mind! Once again, please fill in all the info required. Thank you!

09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol


09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol


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09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol



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09月22日周日夕阳徒:后港至榜鹅Hougang to Punggol