新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体

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新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体
新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体

2019 年 6 月 28 日,历时三年改造的福南数码生活广场重新开业。由新加坡凯德集团重建开发的福南综合体采用全新实验性理念,被改造为使用率极高的市民生活中心,功能囊括零售、娱乐、休闲、健康、餐饮、办公、共享办公空间及共享生活空间,堪称


June 28, 2019 – Representing a new era in retail and mixed-use design, the redevelopment of CapitaLand's Funan Digita Life Mall, has been designed as a civic hub where life is experienced efficiently and thoughtfully thanks to this experiential concept that includes retail, entertainment, leisure, wellness, dining, offices, co-working and co-living environments.

新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体


Project Owners CapitaLand were keen for their designers, Woods Bagot's Hong Kong studio, to deliver a new era for retail. With the rise of online shopping and the decline of brick-and-mortar retail stores, the team was tasked with maximizing engagement for a new tech-savvy generation.


Early project workshops centered around the future of retail and meeting the requirement to create a destination that encourages discovery and entices people to consistently come back. After their initial discovery and analysis, Woods Bagot recommended the complete redevelopment of the site to create Funan, an integrated mixed-use developmentthat maximizes the site's potential and takes advantage of its prime location.

新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体
新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体


Multi-functional space centered around "The Tree of Life"

“生命之树”位于福南的核心位置,也是该项目设计理念的重要体现,以其为中心,伍兹贝格团队设计出了高效的零售环境。这座六层的钢木结构约 25 米高,可以作为各大品牌的产品展示区,也可以为创业者、设计工作室提供教学和研讨场所。

The project's design concept is manifested inThe Tree of Life – the center piece at the heart of Funan, around which Woods Bagot has created an efficient retail offering. This 25-metre, six-story wood and steel structure provides spaces for brands to showcase their products and crafts, and for entrepreneurs and design ateliers to conduct classes and workshops.


The Tree of Life is a habitat for creativity. Referred to as "passion clusters", the Tree's branches offer environments for technology, fitness, dining, craft, shopping and play areas that are destinations for expression.

新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体


Inside pedestrians are designed to connect key city landmarks


With the mandate that Funan connect to the city, it has been designed to be flexibly ventilated and accessible by pedestrians and bicycles 24 hours a day. The building links to tourist routes in the city – on foot and bicycle – as well as key landmarks in Singapore.

新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体


Outdoor green stairs and urban garden encourage people to enjoy nature and promote wellness

商场 4 层是连接层,“生命之树”鼓励人们四处走动,尽情享受餐饮、剧院、康体、办公、共享办公空间、共享生活空间以及户外空间。绿色阶梯从连接层一直延伸至商场7层,鼓励人们可以更多地运动。

On the Connector Floor – Level Four – The Tree of Life encourages circulation to enjoy dining, theatre, wellness, offices, co-working, co-living and outdoor space.

7 层拥有新加坡中央商务区面积最大的城市屋顶花园,面积约 5,000 平方英尺。顶层还设有一片面积为 18,000 平方英尺的美食天地,一个室内五人制足球场以及室外休闲区域。除此之外,塔楼部分的办公楼层设有外部楼梯,在此工作的人可以方便地进入到绿地等自然空间,享受健康地生活方式。

Green stairs, which nurture exercise andmovement, lead from the Connector Floor to Level 7, which is home a 5,000 square foot rooftop urban garden, the largest in Singapore's CBD. There is also a 18,000 square foot food garden, a futsal court and outdoor leisure space. Additionally, the office blocks on the upper levels have external stairs that provide easy accessibility to green spaces and promote wellness.

新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体

lyf 满足千禧一代的共享生活模式

Co-living component operated by lyf to fulfuill millennials needs for connecting

福南的共享生活空间由凯德集团的全资子公司雅诗阁(Ascott)旗下的新品牌 lyf 负责运营。lyf 是面向热爱社交、喜欢社区协作的千禧一代推出的品牌,管理著福南 9 层的 279 间公寓,总面积高达 121,000 平方英尺。

Funan's co-living component is operated by lyf, a new brand from Ascott, CapitaLand's wholly-owned serviced residence owner-operators. lyf provides 279 units spanning 121,000 square feet on nine storeys. lyf was developed for millennials who favor connecting and collaborating within communities.

伍兹贝格董事 Stephen Jones 分享道,自 2015 年福南重建项目开工以来,伍兹贝格参与了方案开发、愿景规划、整体设计、建筑设计和室内设计等全方位工作。

Woods Bagot Director Stephen Jones shared that the firm's involvement in the development of Funan, which began in 2015, spanned discovery and visioning, master planning, architecture and interior design.


The opportunity allowed us to oversee an international team of creatives to deliver a highly-integrated, richly-layered project that we believe marks a new era in retail.

新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体


After its three-year redevelopment, the new Funan is embedded with a great ambition to redefine new mixed-use and build communities.

Stay tuned. We will share more update of Funan and explain how does the "Tree of Life" represent a habitat for creativity.


项目名称: 福南

地点: 新加坡

业主: 凯德集团

开业日期: 2019 年 6 月 28 日 (商业零售)

面积: 82,500 平方米,包括三个主要部分:

六层商业零售中心; 两幢六层办公楼; 和一个九层楼的共同生活服务公寓

服务范围: 总体规划,建筑设计和室内设计

Project Details

Project: Funan

Location: Singapore

Client: CapitaLand

Opening Date: 28th June, 2019 (Retail Space)

Area: 82,500 square metres. This comprises three parts:

a six-story retail space;

two six-story office buildings; and

a nine-story co-living, service residence

Services: Masterplanning, Architecture Design, and Interior Design


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新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体


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新加坡全新目的地 | 福南摇身变未来综合体